Mariana Cintra, 31 years old, Brazilian by birth, Portuguese at heart and the world, at heart and inspiration.

Always in love with the world of the arts, she graduated in architecture but it was still at this stage that she realized that her destiny belonged to the world of bijouterie. A visit to a regional fair, during a vacation in Alentejo, was the trigger that awakened this passion in her and, since then, everything revolves around this dream.

In 2014 he ventured into the Pipe project

A unique and irreverent brand, whose main focus is to make each piece truly unique, giving the customer the possibility to personalize it.

Nine years after taking the leap and creating “Pipe”, the project has grown and has long ceased to be just hers to become the home of many clients and friends, who find a way of expression there.

With a birthplace in Cascais, at Casa da Guia, it also has, since 2020, a house in the city of Lisbon, with a unique space - in the Pipe way, where it combines a shop and a super girly and cool cafe!

Year after year and collection after collection, Pipe pieces maintain their essence of continuing to be customizable, allowing each customer to create a piece from scratch, truly unique and special, which is the mirror of their personality.